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    Education Specialist. University of Missouri. 2016. 4.0 GPA.

  • Major: Education Technology, (Information Science and Learning Technologies).
  • Includes: Online Educator Graduate Certificate.

    Master of Engineering Management. Saint Martin's University. 2006. 3.63 GPA.

    Bachelor of Science. University of Tampa. 1985. 3.147 GPA.

  • Major: Management Information Systems. Minor: Psychology.

    Graduate Studies Include.

  • Information Systems, 33 Graduate Semester Hours
  • Business Administration/Management, 22 Graduate Semester Hours
  • Education, 18 Graduate Semester Hours

    Professional Development. Over 4000 contact hours in professional development and continuing education courses.


  • QM Certified Peer Reviewer. 2016. Quality Matters.
  • Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM). 2013. Stanford University.
  • Stanford Advanced Computer Security Professional (SACSP). 2013. Stanford University.
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP®). 2009. (ISC)2.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP). 2006. Project Management Institute.
  • Distance Education Certified Trainer (DECT). 2006. University of West Georgia.
  • Certified Enterprise Integrator (CEI). 2005. Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Certified Management Engineer (CME). 1991. US Air Force.


Over 30 successful years in highly demanding positions in online education, instructional design and development, systems analysis and development, project, resource, and personnel management, and consulting.


  • Instructional Designer / Adjunct Faculty - 24 Courses
  • Adjunct Faculty - 10 Courses
  • Instructional Design Project Manager - 110 Courses
  • University Dean - Business and Information Technology - 2 Years
  • Volunteer Instructor Trainer - 11 Years - American Red Cross
  • Learning Management Systems
    • Canvas
    • Blackboard
    • Desire2Learn (D2L)
    • eCollege
    • Sakai
    • Moodle

Information Systems

  • Project Manager - 18 Projects
  • Program Manager - 3 Organizational Programs
  • Management Analyst - 7 Projects
  • Full Lifecycle Development
    • Lead Analyst/Developer - 19 Systems
    • Lead Web Developer/Administrator
      • 14 Commercial Web Sites
      • 4 Web Applications
  • Enhancement and Maintenance Developer - 12 Systems


Aug 2016 - Present, University of Maryland (Part Time On-Line Adjunct Faculty)

   Teach one course per term:
         CMIS-102, Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design
         SDEV-300, Building Secure Web Applications
         SDEV-325, Detecting Software Vulnerabilities
         SDEV-360, Secure Software Engineering
         SDEV-425, Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities

Jul 2016 - Present, University of Missouri (Part Time On-Line Adjunct Faculty)

   Developed and teach one course per term:
         ISLT-4375/7375, Mobile Web Application Development
         ISLT-4310/7310, Introduction to JavaScript
         ISLT-4356/7356, Interactive Web Design with JavaScript

Sep 2011 - Aug 2016, Professional Standards Institute (Academic Program Manager, On-Line Instructor)

Program Manager: Managed the development and delivery of 13 certificate programs, 24 courses, and 19 instructors.

Instructional Design Project Manager: Managed the design, development, and delivery of eight courses.

Instructor: Designed, developed and teach eight asynchronous professional development courses.

Web Applications Developer: Designed and developed the Learning Management System used by PSI.

Jun 2009 - Sep 2011, Kaplan University (KCE) (Dean of Business and Information Technology)

Program Administration: Managed the administration of 44 business and information technology certificate programs consisting of 168 courses, 16 instructors, and over 4000 students.

Instructional Design Project Manager: Managed the design, development, delivery, and SME/instructor recruitment for nine business and information technology certificate programs consisting of 102 courses.

Instructional Designer / Faculty: Developed three courses in Computer Security. Backup instructor during absence of primary instructor for multiple business and information technology courses.

Web Applications Developer: Designed and developed the KCE Academic Management System, used by the Academics Department for managing course development, programs, courses, books, SME's, and instructors.

Jan 2008 - Jun 2009, Kaplan University, (KCE) (Part Time On-Line Adjunct Faculty)

Taught 10 On-Line Courses in Information Systems Security, CT201 through CT210.

Jul 2006 - Sep 2006, DeVry University (Part Time Adjunct Faculty)

Taught MGMT 404, Project Management, Hybrid Course (50% Classroom, 50% Online)

Jun 1986 - Apr 1990, Central Texas College, Overseas Division (Part Time Adjunct Faculty)

Courses Taught: COBOL Programming and other Introductory Information Technology Courses.

Aug 1979 - Apr 1990, American Red Cross (Volunteer Instructor Trainer)

Courses Taught: Basic and Advanced First Aid, CPR, Water Safety, Swimming, and Instructor Courses.

Other: Worked at Red Cross First Aid Stations at several community events.


Apr 1997 - Aug 2016, TrakSoft, LLC (Director, Chief Analyst, Project Manager, Independent Consultant)

Instructional Design Project Manager. (12/2007 - 6/2009) Designed the course syllabus for 25 IT courses for Kaplan University, KCE. Managed 12 Subject Matter Experts and two course reviewers in the development of the course content for these 25 courses making up 12 programs. The programs included Systems Administrator/Systems Engineer (7 courses), Technology Specialist/Professional Developer (7 courses), Cisco Network and Design Associate/Network and Design Professional (8 courses), CompTia A+/Network+ Technician (3 courses).

Instructional Designer. (12/2007 - 6/2009) Designed and Developed ten computer security courses for Kaplan University, KCE. The courses included 1) Information Security and Risk Management, 2) Enterprise Security Architecture and Design, 3) Access Control Systems and Methodology, 4) Application Security, 5) Operations Security, 6) Cryptography, 7) Physical Security, 8) Telecommunications and Network Security, 9) Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, 10) Legal, Regulations, Compliance, Investigations, and Ethics.

Business Manager. (4/1997 - Aug 2016) Manage the day-to-day operations, budgeting, and contractor management in support of commercial software development and marketing, commercial web site development and marketing, and information technology and management consulting services.

Web Site Developer/Administrator. (3/1997 - Aug 2016) Developed and administer 6 commercial web sites. These sites include,,,,, and

Lead Analyst/Developer. (5/2007 - 11/2013) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported multiple systems for internal business and client use. BizTrak. Internal Business Management System. (2007); CertTrak. Internal Education Management System. (2008); TS-LMS. Client Learning Management System. (2007 - 2011); Two client eCommerce Websites. Integrated with (2007 - 2011); Two Class Libraries. Designed and developed two class libraries for internal and client desktop, client/server, and web applications. (2007 - 2013).

Web Site Developer/Administrator. (3/1997 - 12/2012) Developed and administered 8 commercial web sites. These sites included,,,,,,, and

Project Manager. (10/2005 - Aug 2016) Managed the design, development, and deployment of two database-driven commercial web sites. These include photograph and graphic art brokerage services and research document brokerage services.

Project Manager. (6/2004 - 3/2005) Managed the design, development, and deployment of a database driven commercial real estate referral service web site. Managed one contracted developer.

Project Manager. (7/2000 - 7/2004) Managed the design, development, testing, and marketing preparation of a commercial software product, Contract Analyst, a comprehensive Contracts Management System. Managed two contracted developers.

Project Manager/Lead Developer. (7/2000 - 6/2004) Managed and co-developed the design, development, testing, and marketing preparation of a commercial software product, TrakSoft PDM, which is an all-inclusive Personal Information Manager.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (7/2001 - 10/2003) Designed, developed, data modeled, and prepared for marketing two in-house commercial software products. SurveyTrak is a survey point management system for use by land surveyors. PFS-Trans is a Project Funding System for use by transportation organizations.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (4/1997 - 6/2003) Performed enhancement and maintenance programming for several systems and databases for the Washington State Dept of Transportation. Migrated several systems to newer versions of PowerBuilder. Developed several ad hoc stored procedures. Systems included Record Services System, Real Estate Information System, Laboratory Information Management System, RegTech, Traffic Sign Management System, Utility Franchise Permitting System, and the systems I developed mentioned in this resume. Developed stored procedures and metadata for Brio-Query Ad-Hoc Query and Report set up.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (5/2001 - 6/2001) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported a statewide Client/Server Digital Ortho Photo Information System for the WA State Dept of Transportation. System is a metadata repository for Orthographic Aerial Photos for GIS Systems increasing productivity and data integrity. Used as a research tool and library by several Agency organizations.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (5/2000 - 5/2001) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported a statewide Client/Server Federal Aid Tracking System for the WA State Dept of Transportation. Manages all Federal Funds appropriated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). It interfaces with the FHWA's FMIS-4 system for the purpose of authorizing funds for projects. Manages over $300 million annually; tracks over $1 billion of Federally Funded Projects at any one time.

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (9/2000 - 3/2001) Managed the development of a client/server Local Employee Selection System for the WA State Dept of Veteran Affairs. it manages the selection of applicants for a Veterans Retirement Facility and a Veterans Hospital. Automated a manual system simplifying processes and saving several man-hours monthly.

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (3/2000 - 1/2001) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported a statewide client/server Client Tracking System for the WA State Dept of Veterans Affairs. Used to manage all clients serviced by the Agency and share client information with all County Veterans Affairs Offices statewide increasing productivity, data integrity and security, and data sharing capabilities.

Lead Analyst/Designer. (1/2000 - 3/2000) Designed, modeled, and developed a planning database for the WA State Dept of Transportation Planning Office. The database was designed for a web application to be used as a research tool and metadata repository of the 20-year State Transportation Plan. Database contains conceptual solutions for Transportation Project Plans valued over $100 billion.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (7/1999 - 6/2000) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented and supported a statewide Client/Server Survey Monument Management System for the WA State Dept of Transportation. Manages over 4000 Survey Monuments statewide saving the State and private entities over $10 million annually in surveying costs. Interfaces with a GIS mapping system used for Internet access.

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (10/1998 - 6/1999) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported a client/server Alternate Care system for the WA State Dept of Veterans Affairs. Maximizes federal veterans benefits saving the State's General Fund over $50 million annually.

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (8/1998 - 6/2001) Designed, Developed, Data Modeled, Implemented and Supported a Client/Server Veterinary Office Management System. Used for client & patient management, point of sales, invoicing, and accounting. Designed, Installed, and Supported a Windows NT Server Network and seven workstations. Installed and Administered an MS SQL Server. Increased productivity and data integrity for a Veterinary office with 20,000 clients and 30,000 patients.

Information Technology Instructor. (11/1998 - 6/1999) Developed and taught four courses in Powerbuilder Systems Development which included Fundamentals, Advanced Concepts, and PFC. (Clients: WA State Dept of Transportation and DMC West Consulting)

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (6/1998 - 5/1999) Designed, Developed, Data Modeled, Implemented and Supported an Antique Mall Management System. Used for dealer management, inventory, POS, and accounting. The business generated a positive cash flow of over $60,000 the first year in business.

Project Manager, Lead Analyst/Developer. (6/1997 - 5/1998) Designed, Developed, Data Modeled, Implemented, and Supported a commercial Immunization Management System for Pediatricians and Family Practice Doctors. Manages patient immunization needs, history, and medication (vaccine) inventory. Received a positive review in Medical Software Reviews - a national medical publication.

Lead Analyst/Developer. (4/1997 - 7/1999) Designed, developed, data modeled, implemented, and supported a statewide Client/Server Engineering Estimation and Bids Analysis System for the WA State Dept of Transportation Estimates multi-million dollar road construction and maintenance projects. Imports contractor bids to estimate and assist in the selection for contracts award. Built a standalone module to provide construction contractors the capability to bid on projects electronically. Passed data to and from the IBM Mainframe. Developed over 100 stored procedures for this application. (Over 1200 users statewide) Increased productivity and simplified processes. Replaced one mainframe and two client/server systems.

Data Analyst. (5/1997 - 11/1997) Designed, developed and implemented an application to convert and store 5.9 gigabytes of data (indexes for imaged documents) for the Washington State Attorney General's Office in support of a 40-State Litigation.

Feb 2005 - May 2006, Watkins Motor Lines (Software Engineer)

Performed the maintenance and enhancement development of several Dockyard applications to include OPDY, CrossDock, YardMove, and Cheetah that schedule, track and plan delivery routes for freight in support of the operation of over 14,000 tractors and trailers and 140 service centers in the US and Canada.

Mar 2004 - Feb 2005, Fringe Benefits Management Company (Software Engineer)

Performed the maintenance and enhancement development of the proprietary employee benefits processing application for the organization's clients.

Mar 1995 - Apr 1997, State of Washington Dept of General Administration (Client/Server Applications Developer)

Lead Analyst/Developer. Designed, Developed, Data Modeled, Implemented and Supported a Client/Server Parking Management System for the WA State Dept of General Administration. The system manages over 6000 parkers in 34 parking lots. Developed an Internet form for interactive parker registration. The System interfaces with an Accounts Receivable System and Statewide General Ledger. Work included front-end GUI development and back-end SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers. Increased productivity and data reliability and simplified business processes.

Program Manager. Implemented and managed a division-wide Client/Server project management and billing system (Platinum). Supported a Client/Server accounting system (MAS-90).

Dec 1994 - Mar 1995, State of Washington Dept of Labor and Industries (Research Analyst - Temporary Position)

Managed and planned the data collection and preparation for the statewide impact analysis study of the change in Washington State's child labor laws.

Dec 1993 - Aug 1994, Washington State Investment Board (Information Systems Manager)

Project Manager. Participated in the competitive selection and project oversight of two consulting firms for two critical Washington State agency information systems projects valued over $325,000.

Systems Manager. Managed the maintenance programming of the complex State-Wide Investment Management System consisting of over 225 COBOL programs in support of the investment accounting of over $26 billion of assets in 40 funds.

Lead Analyst. Designed a Client/Server Document Imaging and Management System.

Nov 1974 - Dec 1993, US Air Force (Manpower Manager, Management Analyst, Project Manager, Systems Manager, and Operations Manager)

  • Retired Honorably.
  • Held a Top Secret Security Clearance.
  • Awards include Meritorious Service Medal, two Air Force Commendation Medals, five Air Force Good Conduct Medals, and two NCO Professional Military Education Graduate Ribbons.

Project Manager. Supervised a $2.9 million Government Contract Cost Comparison Study.

  • The function remained in-house, saving $1.1 million annually.

Management Analyst. Headed five business/process re-engineering studies, which included analyzing organizational structure, manning authorizations, resource utilization, skill requirements, productivity enhancement, and program feasibility.

  • Saved over 500 monthly man-hours and $175,000 in yearly operating costs.
  • Increased systems processing and tracking efficiency by 50%. Reduced time delays by 25% and improved scheduling effectiveness by 40%.

Management Analyst. Oversaw the development of a support agreement program and 80 manpower standards.

  • Increased manpower validation by 40%.
  • Recouped reimbursements in excess of $842,000 annually.
  • Saved 118 positions valued over $3.5 million yearly.

Manpower Manager. Managed over 5000 manpower requirements assigned to 26 organizations valued over $126 million annually. Utilized industrial engineering skills to develop, maintain, and apply manpower standards.

Management Analyst. Facilitated the development and implementation of a manpower data system and administered 12 manpower databases.

  • Reduced annual usage of computer resources and supplies by 40%.
  • Reduced operations personnel by 66% and processing time by 50%.
  • Implemented at 11 Air Force installations.

Management Analyst. Guided the implementation of Total Quality Management in several organizations.

  • Positive results were visible within 30 days of implementation.

Project Manager. Formulated the Risk Analysis, developed the Security Accreditation Package, and managed the installation, implementation, and operation of a Unisys/Sperry System 11 with 16 remote sites. A critical Wide & Local Area Networked GIS and Command and Control System located in multiple locations. Managed a joint US Air Force/US Army project to automate US Army asset tracking.

  • Implemented six months ahead of schedule saving over $160,000.
  • Accreditation package became the standard for systems at seven other bases.

Program Manager. Developed and managed an organizational budget of over $1.2 million in 5 accounts. Member of the Base Budget Committee responsible for the development and management of an annual budget of over $120 million.

  • Maintained 100% accountability and efficient funds usage.

Operations Manager. Directed the development and implementation of plans and schedules for the maintenance, inspection, storage, construction, and delivery of assets and equipment valued over $200 million.

  • Includes 64 storage structures, 5 maintenance facilities, and over 140 personnel.
  • Maintained a 99% operational effectiveness.
  • Contributed to the base receiving an "Outstanding" on the Operational readiness Inspection.


  • PHP (14 years)
  • HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 (20 years)
  • JavaScript and jQuery (8 years)
  • Powerbuilder (22 years), C++ (1 year)
  • SQL - including Complex Stored Procedures and Triggers (22 years)
  • Database Engines
    • Microsoft SQL Server (21 years)
    • MySQL (14 years)
    • Sybase SQL Server (5 years)
    • SQLite (3 years)
    • PostgreSQL (3 years)
    • Oracle (2 years)
    • IBM DB2 (2 years)
  • Microsoft Project and Visio (8 years)